White Lotus Healing Ministries - Support for the Divine Feminine

White Lotus is dedicated to the healing of the divine feminine spirit through transcendental/metaphysical tools and practices. Regardless of gender, every human has both masculine (solar, shiva, yang) and feminine (lunar, shakti, yin) energy.
The divine feminine spirit represents the connection to the part of your psyche responsible for creating, nurturing, intuition, community, collaboration, sensuality and empathy. It is the energy of flow, of being, of stillness, of the moon. It is the sacred connection to life through self-love, compassion and the unbridled wildness that courses through us all.
Transcendental Healing is the conscious unity of the mind, body and spirit, bringing balance and harmony within through metaphysical tools and spiritual practices. Here at White Lotus, it is my honor to share with you the tools and spiritual practices that I have utilized in my own healing journey.
Please understand that my goal is not to heal you, but rather to help you heal yourself. By no means am I a certified psychologist, psychiatrist or otherwise, but simply an ordinary person with an extraordinary desire to help people. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you along your journey.
-Dena M. Daigle